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Grow in God

Grow in God – Short Videos Below

What an amazing experience it is when we enter into a relationship with God in Christ, experiencing His love, peace, grace, and forgiveness and knowing we have become a child of God!  The Bible calls this salvation or saved.

Salvation is not the end, but the beginning of our relationship with God.  Nobody says,”I do” at the wedding altar and then leaves their spouse and checks “marriage” off the list.  A marriage relationship is supposed to grow as two people become one and grow closer and closer together.  We understand that after someone gets saved, it is the beginning of a growth journey in their relationship with God.

We have had a heart to develop this video series called “Grow In God” which are steps for getting rooted in your relationship with Christ.  Every lasting tree that produces fruit has to have deep roots.  To be everything God has called us to be we need to develop deep roots in our relationship with Him so we can experience the fullness of our relationship and become everything God has created us to be.

Part 1:  Repentance

Part 2:  Baptism

Part 3:  The Holy Spirit

Part 4:  Purpose

Part 5:  Prayer

Part 6:  Friendship

Part 7:  The Bible

Part 8:  Church

We want to help get you connected with resources for your relationship with God.  Such as connecting you with Bibles, books, tools, prayer and connect you to a local church.

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